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Tokenizing Real World Assets

For this episode, Brazil Crypto Report joined by Alex Nascimento and Antonio Neto to discuss:

- the challenges inherent in sourcing qualified talent in the blockchain industry

- the value proposition of security tokens and how these assets fit into crypto cycles dating back to 2017

- how Brazil’s financial regulators have been forward-thinking on questions of tokens

- the problem of fragmentation in securities regulation regimes worldwide

- the investment proposition of regulated real-world asset tokens vis-a-vis more volatile crypto-native assets

- the challenges inherent to fully registering the full lifecycle of an RWA token on chain

- the lack of quality yield-generating products currently available to the Brazilian population asset tokenization can offer high-yield investment opportunities to retail investors that would be otherwise unavailable

- the role and effectiveness of regulatory sandboxes such as the one operated by Brazil’s CVM

- how institutional finance in Brazil can participate in decentralized finance using zero-knowledge proofs and other tools

- how 7 Visions Digital is exploring novel tokenization products like carbon credits, precatories, and receivables

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