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Mastering Security Tokens

Discover how to navigate the global competitive landscape of security tokens and gain a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts needed to develop, issue, and market them on a Blockchain. 
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Unlock your success in finance with "The STO Financial Revolution" – a groundbreaking guide that demystifies Blockchain applications, equipping businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs with strategic insights for a competitive edge.

Explore regulated and compliant fundraising through Blockchain technology with this essential guide, offering a clear pathway to navigate decentralized finance complexities.

Secure your copy of "The STO Financial Revolution" now and position yourself at the forefront of digital finance.

The 4th edition is coming soon,

featuring English, Spanish, and Portuguese versions. Stay tuned!

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Alex Nascimento 

International Speaker  University Professor  Bestselling Author

Alex Nascimento, MA, MBA, teaches at UCLA's Masters of Quantitative Economics and co-founded 'Blockchain at UCLA.' He lectures on Blockchain, Crypto, and Web3 for Business and Finance. With an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management, Alex brings a wealth of knowledge to his teaching role. He's also a bestselling author of "The STO Financial Revolution."

Alex develops training programs and blockchain strategies  for companies in the U.S., Asia, the EU, and Latin America. As a serial entrepreneur and investor, he fosters blockchain industry growth. He's a sought-after speaker at major global blockchain events like the Bank of America Digital Asset Conference and World Economic Forum/Davos, sharing insights with leaders, students, and entrepreneurs.

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Excellent summary of all you need to know if you want to enter the fascinating world of STO and Blockchain. A very useful academic framework in a rapidly evolving space, pratical examples, use cases and experiences from around the world - quite a comprehensive overview on what's relevenat at a global scale.

Chris T.


I've been trying to understand blockchain for years, but explanations are always so technical and hard to grasp. This book is written in a way so you don't need any technical background whatsoever to grasp the concepts. A must read for non-software engineers trying to finally understand what blockchain is all about. 

Steve Rosenfield

United States

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