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Due to his experience as a consultant for national and international companies, Alex Nascimento can help corporations, startups and entrepreneurs implement new technologies that will prepare them to take advantage of the new Web3 Economies.

Alex’s extensive knowledge of areas such as the Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, ESG Digital Assets, Metaverses and International Regulations, as well as of the latest updates and vast connections with VCs in the space, makes him a valuable partner for companies seeking to stand out in the market.

We offer customized consultancy solutions to ensure your business is at the forefront of innovation, and ready to win in your current market!


Alex Nascimento’s in-person and online Workshops aim to empower institutional investors, government agencies, companies, and entrepreneurs to use frontier technologies to create new products, raise funds, and gain competitive advantage in their industries resulting in long-lasting profitable results.

Our workshops were designed to present the most recent advancements in frontier technologies and discover new opportunities for organizations in a collaborative team environment that can be immediately implemented in your business. Our team of experts will guide you through innovative tools to find the best solutions for your enterprise.

We are here to help you discover new opportunities to gain long-term results

Alex Nascimento’s experience as a university professor at different institutions and as a serial entrepreneur led him to become an international technology and innovation expert. His research focuses on how the latest tools and tech-solutions are disrupting various industry sectors and international markets. Alex makes it easy for different audiences to understand the latest technologies through clear and accessible language due to his academic experience.


By delivering keynotes in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, New York, Silicon Valley, London, Hong Kong, Montevideo, Shanghai, São Paulo, Beijing, Manila, and Davos, among others, Alex provides you with a total immersion in the currently ongoing global digital transformation.

Key Topics

Frontier Technologies
Digital Asset & CBDCs

Decentralized Finance
Regulation of Cryptocurrencies
Tokenization of Enviromental Assets (ESG)

Artificial Intelligence & IOT

Metaverse & Web 3 Economy

In-Person Speeches

The audience will have the opportunity to interact directly with Alex and create a rich environment for learning and networking.

Virtual Speeches

Alex delivers high-quality keynotes, panels and lectures while maintaining interactivity by using the latest livestreaming technology.


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