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Support education and adoption of blockchain and other Web3 technologies. Your brand's custom case study showcasing your latest innovation will help  "The STO Financial Revolution" foster the community of blockchain, crypto, and Web3 enthusiasts.


The Project

"The STO Financial Revolution," now in its 4th Edition, is a comprehensive guide on blockchain technology, asset tokenization, and the Web 3.0 ecosystem. An Amazon best-seller, it is used as a textbook at UCLA and other universities worldwide.

We seek grants to develop and publish this edition in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, and to support a global book tour at major Web 3.0 conferences.

Our goal is to simplify blockchain technology, offering insights and strategic guidance through analysis, case studies, and expert opinions. This edition covers the latest in blockchain, crypto, and Web 3.0, empowering stakeholders for compliant fundraising, innovation, and competitive advantage.

As an active participant in global conferences and educational programs, Alex Nascimento will promote the 4th Edition, fostering an informed blockchain community. We aim to annually update the book to include the latest advancements and trends.

Your support will help us educate and inspire the next generation of blockchain and Web 3.0 leaders, contributing to the growth of the decentralized technology ecosystem.

Important Information


  • Educational Need in Blockchain and Web 3.0: There is a growing demand for comprehensive educational resources on blockchain, asset tokenization, and Web 3.0. Current research highlights significant gaps in understanding and the need for trained human resources talent.

  • Market Demand and Opportunity: Regions like Latin America especially need high-quality educational materials to empower businesses, students, investors, and entrepreneurs in leveraging blockchain technologies.

  • Impact of Case Studies and Practical Applications: Case studies and practical applications are crucial for enhancing learning and adoption, showcasing the transformative potential of blockchain in various industries.


The 4th Edition of "The STO Financial Revolution" serves as a comprehensive resource on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web 3.0. It provides actionable insights, strategic guidance, and real-world case studies to help stakeholders leverage blockchain for fundraising, innovation, and competitive advantage.

The case studies will promote your brand and attract adopters, achieving international reach, especially in regions keen on blockchain technologies.

The book will be available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish to enhance accessibility and foster adoption.

This project aims to educate and inspire the blockchain community, staying updated with the latest trends and advancements.

The Benefits


Strengthen your brand image by associating with EDUCATION AND INNOVATION. This BEST-SELLER features contributions from leading figures and influencers in Web3 and education, enhancing your brand's credibility.

Online Book Launch

During the book launch, your brand will be promoted across SOCIAL MEDIA & METAVERSE reinforcing your name as a leader in the sector, and expanding your MARKET PRESENCE.

Global Reach

Written by an internationally recognized author and featuring participation in GLOBAL EVENTS, this book reaches a worldwide audience, offering a valuable opportunity for STRATEGIC EXPANSION.

Support Web3

Education & Adoption 

Show your COMMITMENT to disseminating knowledge and promoting EDUCATION in the sector. This not only builds a solid brand image but also highlights your values, such as continuous learning and staying abreast of the LATEST TECHNOLOGY TRENDS.

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Sandra Ro - CEO at GBBC
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Blockchain Expo North America
Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki

The Author

Alex Nascimento, MA, MBA, teaches at UCLA's Masters of Quantitative Economics and co-founded 'Blockchain at UCLA.' He lectures on Blockchain, Crypto, and Web3 for Business and Finance.

As a serial entrepreneur that studied economics at Fordham University NYC, combined with an MA in Marketing from Pontificia University . Católica (PUC-Rio de Janeiro), and  an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management, Alex brings an academic as well as a real-business approach to his educational efforts.

This unique combination is also reflected in the bestselling book "The STO Financial Revolution" which dismistifies blockchain, crypto and Web3 to non-technical students, entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

Alex develops training programs and blockchain strategies  for companies in the U.S., Asia, the EU, and Latin America. As a serial entrepreneur and investor, he fosters blockchain industry growth. He's a sought-after speaker at major global blockchain events like the Bank of America Digital Asset Conference and World Economic Forum/Davos, sharing insights with leaders, students, and entrepreneurs.

Alex Nascimento
The Author



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